Canyon Logics uses 3D laser scanning technology to create accurate and functional point cloud records of physical assets such as buildings, bridges, utilities, mines, monuments and landfills.  With this data architects, engineers, and building managers can cost-efficiently access high-quality current information over the life cycle of the assets.  Canyon Logics uses the point cloud data to build robust as-built Building Information Models (BIM) to meet your business needs.

With a point cloud you are able to attach intelligence to objects, such as windows, doors, floor areas and mechanical equipment in a BIM environment. That provides a cost effective means of managing the use, maintenance and financial accounting of these assets.

St George's Cathedral High Altar

St George’s Cathedral High Altar

Canyon Logics’ 3D laser scanning services is comparable in cost to traditional methods of gathering as-built information for renovations, space use analysis, energy audits, furnishing inventory or accessibility analysis; however, after completing the initial scanning there are no additional costs for data collection for future projects, resulting in significant cost savings and having far more complete, accurate and functional data through the life-cycle of the asset.  This, combined with the value of 3D visualization and analysis capabilities of the technology, provides a significant return on investment.

Colour-coding of wall deviations from the ideal plane

Surface analysis of the defensive wall at Fort Frederick, at RMC in Kingston

Because Canyon Logics provides all the technology and skills required, there are no implementation costs or risks to you. You always have the choice of managing the data conversion into CAD/Revit/BIM yourself, or asking our experts to do it for you.


  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • 2D and 3D AutoCAD/Revit Data Capture
  • 3D Building Information Modeling
  • 3D Laser Scanning Consulting Services
  • Surface Analysis

Business Uses:

  • Managing Construction Contracts
  •  Space and Furnishing Utilization
  •  Energy Audits
  •  Condition Assessments
  •  Surface Analysis
  •  Site Plans
  •  Historical Records
  •  Promotions

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